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Desktop-Cell-PhoneWhen you own a business, it is crucial that you get the correct tools to accomplish your jobs as efficiently as possible. Saving time for you or your employees can often be accomplished with the smallest of tools. However, each situation is different. Thus, an office tool such as a cellular phone signal booster can be extremely helpful if cell phone sending and receiving are difficult. You may want to take a look at the 801247 Desktop Cell Phone Signal Booster offered by Wilson Electronics.

This device gets the best results when it is used in a single room. So that is one thing you must remember for your own business demands. The 801247 cell phone signal booster runs at frequencies going from 824 to 894 MHZ and 1850 to 1990 MHz. When it comes to signal boosting power, you will find your cell phone signals magnified in excess of 15 times typical levels. If bad cellular phone reception is an issue for you, this may help to improve or even wipe out your problem.Wilson-Electronics-801247-Desktop-Cell-Phone-Signal-Booster

Poor reception and transmission ordinarily cause problems like dropped calls and unclear communications. In these cases, a cell phone signal booster such as the 801247 can be beneficial. As your business and individual communications improve with better signals, you are going to save time. You will, obviously, decrease all those cases of having to call back if your call is dropped. In addition, clear communication is especially vital during business calls.

The 801247 cellular phone is compact and goes easily on a table. You should place the mobile phone signal booster in any room where a signal problem exists. The signal booster includes a coaxial cable that joins from the desk unit to an antenna mounted externally to your office. You may choose to placce the antenna along one of the windows in the affected room. Nonetheless, you will get the most effective reception when you mount the antenna outside and aim it toward the closest cell tower. If you’re unsure of the most nearby mobile phone tower, here is a suggestion. You can just try out various orientations until the best signal level is achieved.
Wilson 801247 Desk Top Cellular Repeater System House Pic
The Wilson Electronics 801247 mobile phone signal booster is easy to set up. The device can be used for more than one cell phone. With one 801247 cellular phone signal booster, you can enhance the levels of multiple cell phones and also signal data cards. Excluding Nextel and a few other providers, the Wilson 801247 mobile phone signal booster works with most US and Canadian cellular phone providers.

Different technologies are supported including 3G, AMPS, plus others. Additionally, there is a range of supported data protocols. To see if your cell phone is supported, ask Wilson Electronics.

Wilson 801247 DT Desktop-Workspace Cell Phone Booster

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