Jun 192012

You’ll realize that with regards to the quality of the digital camera you may be looking for you will need to invest different amounts of money. Of course you will realize that there are a lot of folks around that aren’t looking to invest $500 on a digital camera. One more thing you should realize is that the low priced cameras you are able to purchase are usually a low quality camera as well. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V is a camera that will not empty your wallet but will in addition have many of the features you may be searching for.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5VI am sure you’ll like the fact that this camera includes a 10x zoom lens, which is something which loads of cameras in this price range do not have. In relation to getting close ups without being able to get close to the subject, this camera will be able to obtain that photo for you.

This is also an excellent camera to bring to your kids soccer games mainly because you are able to actually get close ups with out running out on to the field. And when you’re in to taking photographs of the wildlife, you will be able to get some great shots without scaring the animals away by getting to close.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5VOne more thing a large number of folks like is that this can also be used as a camcorder to capture high definition videos, and not just still photographs. So if you are trying to capture you child’s first steps you won’t have to keep a video camera and a still camera on hand as this device will take care of both of them for you. You will have the ability to take the video you record and burn it to a disk that can be played back on a blue ray player, a play station 3 and just about any computer that’s compatible with mp4′s

Sony Cyber-shot  photosWhen using the sweep panorama mode you’ll be able to get amazing panoramic photos. The 3 inch screen which comes built in to this camera is yet another thing that’s rather impressive as this is a rather large screen for a camera like this.

If you check out this camera on Amazon you will have the ability to find that this camera comes with a lot more features that we just do not have the room to cover here.

Sony Cyber-shotAnd when you are wondering how much a camera like this is going to cost, you’ll find that if you purchase it from Amazon, you can get it for just $208.44. This cost is 40% of retail, and so if you buy this from Amazon you’ll be saving $140. And to top it all off, Amazon will ship this camera to you as well as pay for the shipping charges so you do not need to be concerned about them.
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Sony DSC-HX5V/B Cyber-shot Digital Camera

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