Apr 272012

If you have ever been in a position where you have to keep in touch with other people that may be too far away to talk to but communication is necessary then you know how crucial a two way radio system can be. To put it in simple terms, two way radios can really help you keep in touch with a group of people when needed.

Motorola MH230RAs an example, I would like to talk about our adventures of our yearly fishing trip to Lake Champlain. We rent an 8-bedroom home and we usually have between 6 and 10 boats that we take with us, we can have up to 20 people going on this trip each year. Getting everyone to come in for lunch or dinner was near impossible because of the size of the lake and because people didn’t like brining their mobile phone in the boats, (that’s another story). We would basically go around the lake, often for hours, trying to find everyone and tell them it is time to eat.

Then a couple of years ago, I decided that I would buy a few walkie talkies and put them in the boats. During my search I came across the Motorola two way radios and paid for 4 of them to test how they worked. And it was one of the most practical things I ever did. These two-way radios have a range of 23 miles and no individual was ever out of touch with any of the group. Then the succeeding year I bought more of these so each boat had one. And of course wouldn’t you know it the following year my uncle’s boat wouldn’t start out on the lake, and he was a few miles away. But as he had a radio in his boat he simply called us and we went out and got him. If I never purchased those radios he would have had to row this rather huge boat back to the house which was about a 3 mile trip.

Motorola MH230RThese radios have never let us down. Something else I love is that these radios come with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about bringing enough batteries with you when you use them. One other good feature of these two-way radios is that they feature a weather receiver so you can keep up with the weather when you’re outdoors.

And as my mother pointed out, these Motorola radios are fantastic for a lot of other things also. My mother decided to take all of my nieces and nephews to Disney Land and wanted to know if she could use the radios, naturally I said yes. Her fear was that one of the children would get separate and getting lost. Luckily these Motorola radios didn’t have to be used for a lost child, but all the grandkids still had a great time using them as regular walkie talkies.

Motorola MH230RSome of my family members even use them when they are going hunting in a big group to let others know when they are leaving. Which can be a terrific time saver when a person leaves so you’re not walking through the woods looking for someone who is not there.

Just about everyone in my family went out and bought a headset for the Motorola radio they use so when we are hunting we can keep things quiet. These radios come with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, which means that you really don’t have to worry about other people with the same type of Motorola radios to be listening in on your conversations.
Amazon.com has these Motorola radios for $39.95 for a set of two, and that is really a good bargain. And I am certain that you will be able to find more uses for them than what we use them for.

Motorola Talkabout MH230 Two Way Radio

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