Apr 042012

Despite the smaller size of the Nuvi 3790T Bluetooth GPS Navigator by Garmin, you still get all the information you need to easily navigate from point A to B, or anywhere else. It features all terrain 3D mapping, Bluetooth compatibility, and verbal commands, all packed into an amazingly thin body. Going on a hike? Arranging a driving getaway? Whatever your GPS needs, let this particular Garmin Navigator be your guide.

Nuvi 3790T Bluetooth GPS NavigatorPositives

You’ll be delighted by how thin the Nuvi 3790T is. To get the idea, consider an ordinary pencil, which is about 9mm thick, just a little bigger than this. This is fabulous, particularly when trying to keep your space and weight requirements down for a long hike. Much like cell phones nowadays, Garmin is making their devices smaller yet with more features. How do they manage it? Fortunately, it’s not our trouble. Garmin is definitely an innovator when it comes to packing lots of stuff into teeny, little spaces. And we haven’t even discussed all of the improvements within this device.

Nuvi 3790T Bluetooth GPS_This Garmin 3790T comes with a great, large 4. 3 in . touchscreen capable of displaying dual orientation. That is, you have a good large screen that you can look at in either portrait as well as landscape view. Another huge advantage is that you can speak to it when driving, allowing your hands to remain where they should be, on the steering wheel. Finally, the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is Bluetooth compatible, and that means you can hook it up to your vehicle and use it as a hands-free device.

Nuvi 3790TDisadvantages

Reviews for this product are generally favourable. There are, nevertheless, a few “problems” with the Nuvi 3790T which weren’t present in prior models. For instance, there could be one or two too many alternatives for some people to deal with. Though most people consider its various features along with capabilities good, some are a little bit put off by the 3D terrain navigation, traffic information, voice activation and so on.

Another issue is that some people may well view it as being too thin. Yes, most people will most likely look at this a positive. But, it’s possible that some folks would want to feel it in their pocket to be reminded it’s there before wading into a deeper stream, or whatever.

Nuvi 3790T Bluetooth GPSConclusion

Whether you enjoy using a GPS DEVICE in your pants pocket if trekking, or really like how handy a dash mounted GPS SYSTEM can be, the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is ideal. Having a modern new exterior and also lots more underneath the hood, including a large touch screen, spoken instructions and 3D mapping, this model is certainly worth the money. Just make certain to be aware of when it is in your pocket so you will not accidentally ruin or lose it. Considering that, it does cost about $300. That said, it truly is a great deal, in particular should you prefer a state-of the-art GPS system to take anywhere you want to. Garmin has continually built an excellent line of GPS devices, and the Nuvi 3790T fits the mold perfectly.

Garmin Nuvi 3790T – Review – Part 2

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