Dec 132011

tomtom-xxl- 540It’s beneficial to try to get lots of roadmaps already loaded in, route selecting ability, and a good-sized display screen when wanting to buy a GPS SYSTEM. We tested the reputation of the TomTom through trying aTomTom XXL 540.  For our evaluation, we chose to take the TomTom on a road trip and evaluated it on its ability to get us to our destination competently and how properly it responded to our commands along the way. And this is what we discovered.

Right at first you will spot the 5 ” display screen is a fantastic selling point of the TomTom XXL 540. That is certainly ideal for if you are driving a car and hoping to get to your destination. If you have to glance at the GPS DEVICE while en route, you risk getting into a car accident despite the fact that it will be just for a second. A big display is essential to keeping your focus on your driving your vehicle like it must be like with the TomTom XXL 540.
There are also plenty of pre-loaded maps. Mexico, Canada and also the U. S. are there. Being able to include more than the standard maps, along with modifications, are a few extra things you are able to share with TomTom Map Share. True-to-life graphics that are shown to you are perfect for navigation purposes.
Your route may be of your choosing, so based on your criteria the TomTom XXL 540 assists you to figure out the traffic circumstances and whether the closest path is also the swiftest. Its award-winning mount, the Fold and Go EasyPort helps make putting it in as simple as 123.
The TomTom XXL 540 has all those great benefits, however you should be aware of some disadvantages. One particular user, who is an admitted “long time Garmin user, ” complains that the TomTom can take too long to start out after the car or truck starts and another miffed person complains that the maps failed to back up on his personal computer. But overall, the initial reviewer gave a good review before he got into the extended boot time plus the next reviewer appears like he requires a computer lesson. It seems that other GPS systems besides the TomTom XXL 540 currently have these very same difficulties also.
The bottom line is that if you are considering a GPS system which will get you to your destination and you want a large display that is quite simply mounted on your dash, the actual TomTom XXL 540 is the one for you. Taking more time to load, though very little, is not going to diminish its usability.

To avoid losing your maps make sure to add them regularly to your pc.  Other than that, you will discover that your TomTom XXL 540 certainly lives up to its name. It’s light weight, it offers you all you need to get to your destination and it’s really simply mounted to your dashboard with award-winning technology. Not many other  products even come  close.

TomTom XXL 540-TM: Part 2 (road test)

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