May 112012

If you have ever experienced problems reading your GPS on a bright sunny day, you will not have that trouble with the Navman MY60T GPS since you can see the display screen clearly in direct sunlight. Yet another fantastic thing about this GPS system as compared with other units has to be that it’s not necessary to learn how to wire the unit through the mount as it is unnecessary.

Navman MY60T GPSBy simply turning on the menu button, you are brought straight to the main menu, no more trying to find the functions your looking for. This will take you to a multitude of icons that enable you to perform various functions. Apply one more physical button to be able to recall your current location. This is actually the place your recent destination lists are stored.

To produce your own settings and adjustments, all you have to do is tap the map screen. This will bring up the particular menu that allows you to see your current route. And of course similar to various other GPS systems it is possible to zoom in and also have the unit pick a different route.

Navman MY60T GPSFeatures

The particular Lane guidance is especially handy if you’re new in the area and are not sure about how exactly the traffic moves.

An additional attribute would be the intersection option, that lets you know where the intersections are, which can be helpful as it prepares you to slow down for approaching intersections.

This particular device furthermore comes with a dusk sensor, so when it grows to be night time and your still driving the device will readjust the brightness automatically.

The verbal camera as well as the school zone alerts are especially useful reminders for you to slow down when you are approaching schools where children may be crossing the street.

You are also able to look at another route if needed, since this unit will inform you where traffic might be grid locked or even totally stopped.

Something which is actually neat and may also be helpful is the 3D landmark views, this way you will find the particular landmarks easier and this will help to keep you on the correct route.

Navman MY60T GPSDown Sides

When utilizing this particular device in Australia you will discover that the lane guidance is only going to show on the primary highways. And because of this, it’s possible you’ll just see your position without any roads.

You can even turn the device off when you do not really need it with the off switch. Should you need the unit immediately once you switch it on, this just isn’t going to happen as you will have to wait around up to a minute for the loading of the system.

The device was made to be quite easy to use. However the speed of the unit can be slow when it comes to certain things like the animations. One additional thing it is sluggish at is when the device needs to come up with a different route. While some individuals think this can be a major drawback, when you look at everything else this unit provides, it’s not that big of a deal.

The actual Navman MY60T generates similar routes as most GPS Units that makes it much less unique in this sense. This particular device does not always pick the best route as it tends to keep more towards the main roads and highways.

Navman MY60T GPSConclusions

The fact that this particular model is actually smaller than some other units this is a feature which I personally like. Should you be looking for a small, powerful GPS unit this  would be a good  choice.


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