Apr 192012

Everyone these days seems to want to construct their very own home theater system. I believe that this is because of the fact that taking the family out to the movies may cost $50 to $100 for each movie. Around ten years ago the plasma TV’s arrived on the market with a bang. A number of years back the flat screen LCD TV’s came on the market and people flocked to acquire one. Nevertheless it didn’t end there because the LED TV had been release a couple of years ago, presenting great quality and using less energy to run. The latest thing is the 3D television, of which Toshiba has created a great model.

Toshiba _3D TVAnd since I cannot see how they could improve on this, this should be the new standard for some time. And with Toshiba’s latest 55 inch 3D TV, they are taking the world of the home theater system to a completely new level.

Below We Will Cover A Number Of Features

The advantage that this television set is Internet ready makes this an incredible choice. If you have a NetFlix account you can actually download movies straight to your TV and view them right away. Yet another excellent aspect of this TV is that you are able to access your social media websites directly from your TV. And the built in Wi-Fi makes setup a snap.

Toshiba 3D TVYou will also be amazed by how small and big this TV is. While everybody is creating 55 inch TV’s nowadays, the fact that the thickness of this TV is less than an inch and a half is what really makes it stand apart. So you can pretty much place this TV next to a wall and lose almost no space in your room.

Toshiba has also implemented every one of the energy star guidelines when making this TV. Since this TV comes with LED back lighting, you will be using limited power to use this TV. Another great benefit with this is the fact that it will automatically adjust the level of brightness which is required with respect to the brightness of the room.

You will also realize that as a result of the technology which is used to produce the 3D image, when you’re watching regular movies you will have a much crisper picture. The television itself provides you with crystal clear images in full HD 1080p quality. Of course the 240Hz refresh rate produces crystal clear and sharper images.

Toshiba 3D TV_This particular TV is a touch on the more expensive side, selling for $1,500 on Amazon.com. Various other Tv’s of this size and which includes this type of technology sell for up to $5,000 which makes this a true bargain.

And even though this Tv is 3D ready, you will nonetheless have to have a 3D source to enjoy the 3D technology. Either a 3D blu-ray player or even a membership to a 3D station through your satellite television service provider. More than likely your already aware of this, but it is worth mentioning, you will need special glasses to view 3D programming.

Toshiba-3D-_TVFor anybody looking for a good quality 3D TV, the Toshiba 55WX800U 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz Cinema Series 3D LED TV would be the best option for you to start building your home entertainment system. And I personally think that this is probably one of the greatest buys for a 3D TV.


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