Aug 162012

I know that most of you would want to own your own 3D camcorder but the actual costs involved are rather high, mostly too high to be affordable for most people. Still, with the help of the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder, a lot of people can start to get the equipment they need at a lesser cost. One thing we are going to do in this article is to explain to you what you will need to start using this camcorder as a 3D unit and also some of the features it comes with.

The fact that this camcorder features a 28mm wide angle lens is something that lots of people like. This makes it great for recording big groups of people that wouldn’t commonly fit in a typical lens. Zoom lens are important when it comes to recording things like school plays and this unit comes equipped with a 40x zoom lens. And the fact that this Panasonic camcorder has a 16GB built-in memory is great, but you can also increase the memory by buying a flash memory card. And depending on what you need the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder for, you will probably find that a 32 GB card is adequate.

Panasonic HDC-TM90K Now, while the Panasonic HDC-TM90K is 3D compatible, you will have to buy a 3D lens. The lens that is needed for this Panasonic camcorder is the Panasonic VW-CLT1 Panasonic 3D Lens. If you end up getting this lens on Amazon, you will discover that you can save lots of money on it. Of course, you also should understand that you can save even more money by purchasing the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder through Amazon.

Panasonic HDC-TM90K One other thing you need to realize is that even though the 3D lens can help you to capture 3D videos, you will need a TV that you can use to watch the 3D images. You may want to wait buying the 3D lens for the moment if you don’t have any way to watch 3D videos. When you eventually upgrade your television then you nned to think about buying the 3D lens.

Panasonic HDC-TM90KAnother feature worth mentioning about the Panasonic HDC-TM90K is that it has a soft skin mode. The basics of this mode is that it will just soften the focus around any skin that the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder detects. By reducing the focus in that area, wrinkles will be harder to detect, thereby making the subjects look more youthful looking. This is especially terrific for those of you who capture a lot of older people, not to mention your mother will love the way she looks.

There have been a number of complaints about the fact that the 3D lens does not come with the Panasonic HDC-TM90K. Nonetheless, numerous people may be looking to get the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder now and then can buy the 3D lens later when they have the extra money. If you are looking for a 3D camcorder that you can use immediately, you will be able to find one. You are going to, though, end up paying a lot more money for a unit that you can use right away, even up to $500 or more.
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