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ASUS Essentio CM1630-08Are you presently finally deciding to use a computer? It is hard to make it these days without possessing a computer. You may be asking yourself, with all these different computers out there, “which is the best one for me?” There are so many different varieties of computers, how do I pick the right one. What can make a computer a great computer to me? Since this is your first pc, you may not grasp the technology that goes behind them. That is, reading off a laundry list of technology specs may mean absolutely zip to you. All you want to understand is if it will work, and is it affordable to my budget.
ASUS Essentio_ CM1630-08
If you are trying to find that first Desktop computer, the best choice is the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08. It is a bare-bones computer system that won’t break your budget, and will give you a base to develop with. It’s a large computer with lots of expandablity but it doesn’t have the newest engineering like USB 3.0 or eSATA. Given that you are a beginner, all the expensive bells and whistles that may or may not be useful has no meaning for you at this point. Having a simple and affordable computer system is almost certainly the best option if you are just starting out. This desktop computer will have all the essentials as you gradually understand the ins and outs of computing.

The CM1630-08 has standard features and style. It comes with a framework that is standard black, with metallic side panels, and faceplate that is shiny. There is an indented, plastic mesh tray that will maintain hard drives, and additional devices. Along the top face of the computer, you will find four USB 2.0 ports and audio jacks.
The DVD drive sits down below, and there is an supplemental bay for one more hard drive. You can actually add more products from the back of the home pc as well. There’s an ethernet port pertaining to networking, VGA port for video, HDMI to link up to an HDTV, and extra USB ports.ASUS Essentio  CM1630-08
The ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 has a extremely simple yet stylish design and a large hard drive. It’s HDMI video port makes it possible for you to watch 1080p video but the overall performance is not as good as other PC’s that are cheaper. It is among the best of the living-room-friendly pc computers with a thin tower. It has a outstanding balance of abilities and power for the price tag. It comes ready to stick next to your tv, and you will have no valid reason not to, with its built-in wireless networking ability.

There are many slim tower PC’s that are set up to be High definition tv companions in the living room. The ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 is a lot more costly than the HP Pavilion slimline s3500f, and even the Dell Inspiron 530s, and others. To figure out which PC is right for you, you have to look at the pros and cons for each PC that’s within your budget. Then find how many individuals are pleased with which one. You might find out that people really love the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08. As a result, you buy it and may not like it at all. It is a good basic computer, and a lot of individuals love it.

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