Feb 042012

iPhone 3GS  Smart-PhoneOnce smart phones first arrived on the scene, Apple took the lead together with their iPhone, and they continue to maintain high rankings for these phones. Needless to say, the competition aren’t letting the iPhone steal the fun as new mobile hardware technology is brought to light.

Since mobile applications grow to be demanding and a lot more frequently used, speed advancements need to be made accordingly on each the hardware and software end. This is virtually what the particular iPhone 3GS ended up being with that essential letter S representing speed and even with its successor the iPhone 4 receiving all the love now, the iPhone 3GS Smart-Phone remains remarkably relevant and also continues to sell.

iPhone 3GS  Smart-PhoneAdvantages

If not for the predecessors of the iPhone 3GS it may not have been so popular, nevertheless, as the iPhone’s before had been such excellent phones it laid the particular ground work for the iPhone 3GS. The point that you can find over a quarter million applications for the iPhone 3GS inside the app store ought to tell you something about the popularity of this phone. Another thing that men and women love tends to be that Apple typically releases apps before just about any of their competitors. One more excellent option for this phone is the fact that it can actually use the operating system designed for the iPhone 4. The particular update readily available for this phone takes the phone to a new level by offering faster browser speeds.

IOSRelating to the hardware end, the iPhone 3GS looks similar to the past 2 iPhones which is great for those that are already accustomed to the design. While the display received no cosmetic advancements, the surface of the touch screen will be more resistant to smudges and fingerprints. Additionally should you be looking for obvious improvements in the camera functionality, you got it. Now with 3 MP and auto focus there is a noticeable difference between the older models. Video recording is also respectable checking in at 30 fps and the built-in editor can be friendly to use and supports direct importing to YouTube.


The iPhone 3GS Smart-Phone does not have multitasking functions even if you upgrade to the latest iOS because it is a hardware constraint where only the iPhone 4 will be worthy of handling. And when you look at the 3G along with the 3GS, you will notice that the only real improvement between the two is the web browser speed. Even though this phone has a lot more features than most phones currently available, some people still think that it is a waste and people should just get the iPhone 4.

iPhone 3GS Smart-PhoneConclusion

The fact that you can easily grab this cell phone for $49 through AT&T so long as you sign up for a two year agreement, makes this particular phone very attractive to many people. It used to cost four times as much when it was initially released and the iPhone 3GS can still get a whole lot of productivity completed.

iPhone 3GS

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