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This product is perfect for those who are looking for mobility while scanning documents. The greatest aspect of the Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100 CLR 600DPI USB Mobile Scanner is the sizing being only 10.7 inches long, about 2 inches wide and just 1.3 inches thick. The scanner is in a position to do a full-page document scan from just about any place you can think of.

All you will need is a USB cable as well as your laptop computer. Just about any type of document can be scanned, including greeting cards, thick postcards, even plastic ID cards. For a mobile scanner, the velocity is quite impressive, in which a letter sized document can be scanned in about 7.5 seconds. Other cool qualities of the ScanSnap S1100 include Auto skew correction, Auto Orientation, and Auto color Detection.ScanSnap S11006
You will find a number of completely different ScanSnap scanner models manufactured by Fujitsu They have exceptional desktop scanners but any scanning expected to be done while on a business trip may not be practical. By possessing a mobile scanner like the S1100, any sort of scanning or photocopying can be done quite easily on the road. Think about all of the work that you needed to accomplish when coming home, after being out for a few days. Just having a thing like this on your trip will allow you to be very productive in every waking minute.
fujitsu_scansnap_s1100As the newest unit for Fujistu, the S1100 has many of the features you’ll find in their own desktop models. The S1100 features the very same speed and quality of its desktop counterparts as well as comes bundled with the same easy-to-use software program package. Of course, in order to have a little footprint, certain features found on the desktop versions were left off. It doesn’t contain two-sided scanning or maybe multi-page feed. That will eliminate some things that are not going to be able to be finished while on the road, but will surely give a definite head-start. The S1100 helps make up for its lack two-sided scanning as well as multi-page feed with extremely fast scanning.
s1100-quickmenuThe S1100 is a perfect option if you go from one client to another, or travel daily. Anyone having to quickly scan something while out from the office will undoubtedly like the portable size and ease of use. This would include realtors, insurance sales people, and professionals, to name a few. The installation is easy, the high quality of the scan is good, and it is small, but plenty durable. Traveling business people recognize how many things could be scanned during a business trip. You can find your self scanning business receipts and brochures and not needing to carry additional weight.

If you now have a lot of things that you want to scan, the S1100 will work for you whenever you are at your laptop or computer. Provided that you do not have to do a great number of scans on multi-paged documents, you will probably use this portable scanner more than any other.

Fujitsu Scansnap S1100 Hands On

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