Dec 172011

Your DSL provider is probably charging you a fee each month for their modem on top of your standard internet service. In case you didn’t know, you can get your own modem rather than renting it. If you decide that you no longer want to rent a modem, you need to seriously check out the award winning D-Link DSL-2320B. D-Link is deserving of praise as a company, since it believes in supporting world-wide stewardship of the environment. D-Link uses all recycled-based contents for packing and shipping materials and help local communities to follow their model.

To determine whether or not you must buy a modem, you will first determine the break even point of buying versus leasing. Once you have decided to get the modem, then it becomes time to decide on which modem to purchase. This review is to demonstrate to you that the modem to get is the D-Link DSL-2320B. All of the base features seen in your average DSL modem is available on a D-Link modem. The usual suspects are an RJ-11 ADSL port, fast Ethernet port, a reset button and light-indicator to show the connection status.

D-Link DSL-2320BBut it has a few options that you do not find in other similar modems. It features VPN support, the choice to connect via USB and important network security features. Malware and denial-of-service attacks can be discovered and terminated by the technology supported by the firewall. The modem’s firewall feature will reject any dubious traffic that tries to gain access. VPN or Virtual Private Networks are important for corporate telecommuters, by allowing communication to occur between employees and consultants.
D-Link DSL 2320B
The USB features can be useful if your ethernet port is damaged, or if you have an older computer that has USB port but no Ethernet port So if you have an Ethernet port, you don’t really have to use the USB feature, instead you may use it to link your other computer peripherals. If you decided to use the USB port, that’s one less port you have to connect a device to. Using the USB will likewise keep you from sharing the internet connection through a router. USB connections have higher dropped connections, and their DSL cables can merely reach 20 feet, while an Ethernet cable can be as long as 300 feet.

The D-Link DSL-2320B can be simply setup and configured using a web-based tool built into the modem. You will always be aware the status of your modem by merely looking at the light indicators on the modem. Settings are automatically updated and managed since the modem is TR-067 compliant. Also, it means that it follows the ADSL Interoperability Test Plan. Therefore, this modem is just as compliant as the modem that you are currently renting. D-Link provides a warranty for 12 months with a full year of free technical support plus they also have a detailed frequently asked  questions section on their site to  help you do  it yourself.

D-Link DSL-2320B ADSL2/2+ Ethernet/USB Modem

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