May 212012

A good sound system is crucial if you are trying to create a home theater experience. What typically happens is that individuals blow all their cash on the biggest TV they can manage and have nothing remaining for the audio system. Many people feel that you have to shell out lots of money to get a good sound system. For this reason we have chose to take a better look at the RCA RT151 Home Theater System.

The first thing I should point out about this system is that it is essentially a 5.1 sound system, which is one of the better systems around. For people uninformed of what a 5.1 system is, allow me to describe it quickly. This type of system basically has 6 speakers to present you with the very best sound possible. The speakers that come with this particular system are a bass speaker, along with a center speaker, 2 speakers for your multichannel surround sound as well as 2 speakers for the stereo sound. When these speakers come together you will find that you are getting some of the very best sound you have ever listened to if you have not had a 5.1 system yet.

RCA RT151 Home Theater SystemWhile this system only contains 80 watts of power, you will notice that, that is normally more than enough for almost any room. Yet another thing that many men and women don’t like about this speaker system is that the speakers are not ready to mount to a wall. But you really don’t have to mount these speakers on a wall as you can simply place them on a shelf or perhaps even get a number of stands for them. Some individuals of course will only want the speaker mounted, and for those people you must bear in mind that you can get mounting brackets, you will just have to add these mounts on the speakers yourself.

For those of you who would like to hook up other items to this system, and not just your TV, you will see that this system has 2 RCA inputs and a line in audio jack. The line in audio jack can be made use of for your iPod, portable cd player or any other sort of unit that has a audio output such as a headphone jack. And if you really desired to you can even make use of this system with your computer to get a better sound, other than the two speakers that came with your computer system. Something that I had been a little shocked about is that this device has a 4 out of 5 rating by the men and women who have bought this product.

Home Theater SystemThe majority of you have been wondering and now we are going to tell you just how much this costs. You will be happy to know that you could pick this up on Amazon for just $58.43 and that’s about 35% off of the retail price of the unit. While the more expensive units might be a little better than this unit, this really is an excellent unit for the price. In a nutshell if your shopping for an affordable speaker system this could be precisely what your looking for.
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RCA RT151 home theater system

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