Jun 102012

The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB is a tablet that was made with flexibility in mind. You can get a lot more done quickly, such as sharing, connecting, shopping, and playing. You can stay organized by making use of card stacks to group your tasks. You will be able to do your projects on a beautiful 9.7-inch LED multi-touch screen. The best of the web can be viewed on the HP TouchPad as it uses Flash. With the impressive front-facing camera, you can do live video calling anytime.

HP TouchPad Wi-FiWebOS has great multitasking capabilities and you can effortlessly consolidate your information when you sign in to your various accounts. All at once, you will be able to check multiple calendars, review your contacts, link Facebook information and read your emails. With Just Type you can create and save messages, and without launching an app first, you can search online, and even more. You can likewise get notifications without being interrupted from what you are doing. With the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock, you will be able to charge the HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet without a wire. If you would like to share your websites, you can effortlessly do that if you also have a HP Pre4 or a Veer Smartphone.

This tablet provides quality web-browsing experience, great entertainment, solid apps and excellent battery life. The quality of WebOS is what makes it work. No other mobile OS can compare to its amazing synching and multitasking capabilities. It is simple to get connected to Facebook, calendars, or emails. You will not have a screen littered lots of icons. You will be able to see every single site on the planet because it has Flash. There are few apps for the HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet but you can expect a lot of them to flood the market very soon. Nevertheless, what is available are a number of the best productivity and entertainments apps available.

HP TouchPad Wi-FiThe weakest part is the TouchPad itself. Today, all of the best tablets come with front/back webcam, expandable memory slot, genuine USB connection and HDMI output. Still, the HP TouchPad does not have the some of these crucial features. Some individuals want to have several options for inputs/outputs.

The screen resolution of the TouchPad cannot be compared to any tablet on the market today. The touch response is good, and also the life of the battery, being 5 or 6 hours. However, battery power will be greatly reduced if you leave the HP TouchPad turned on all night.

HP TouchPad Wi-FiThe new HP TouchPad tablet was created to be everything that you want. No other tablet today can give you the ability to connect, surf online, play games or share more easily than the HP TouchPad. You won’t run into any technical bugs. There is no other tablet on the market now that is as good as the HP TouchPad tablet.
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