Jul 302012

One of the things you are going to discover is that most people who are serious about exercising, end up getting some type of monitoring system and most people end up getting a heart rate monitor. With regards to your exercising you must realize that you should be monitoring other things as well. Keeping track of the calories you’re burning is also important and additionally keeping track of the distance you go when you exercise. The actual Sportline Men’s Solo 960 is one of the monitors which can help you to monitor these things. That is the reason we have decided to take a better look at this unit and also talk about its features.

Sportline Men's Solo 960The pedometer is one of the features in this product I wanted to discuss. A pedometer will in reality keep track of the distance you walk or even run. For those who want to make sure they are covering a particular distance every day, this is a fantastic way to do this.

There are quite a few people who walk a whole lot because of their jobs and this will help them to keep track of the distance walked. Men and women that walk all day long only want to know how much they walk because of their jobs.

Sportline Men's Solo 960Another thing you are going to find out about this particular watch is that it will in addition keep an eye on the calories you are burning when you find yourself exercising. Burning off more calories than you take in each day is vital to making sure you lose weight so this is a fantastic feature of this device. Trying to figure this out manually can be completed but it is really difficult to figure out on your own. So not only does this product offer you a pedometer but you will furthermore be able to use the calorie counter. So for anyone watching calories this monitor will be key to ensuring you are burning up more than enough calories every day.

Sportline Men's Solo 960Together with the other things that this unit has additionally, you will learn that it also includes a heart rate monitor. Something that many individuals don’t know is that when you get your heart beating in a particular zone you will end up being able to burn off more calories. Additionally, you will want to stay clear of spikes in your heart rate so trying to keep a steady pace is also essential. This specific watch will be a wonderful way for you to make sure you are keeping a steady heart rate when you find yourself exercising.

Even though we could go on forever talking about the different attributes of this unit, we just don’t have the room here. If you would like to see all the attributes that come with this product you can simply check out the product features on Amazon. Furthermore if you choose to purchase this monitor you may also want to purchase it from Amazon as they offer this device for about $32 off of the list price. The actual price that Amazon is providing this monitor for is $68. You will even wind up saving money on the delivery costs as Amazon is going to pay to have the particular product shipped to your house.

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