Jul 252012

At times you want a camera which is a little bit more robust than your average point and shoot digital camera. And that is when the SLR digital cameras come in to action. These are typically digital cameras which have been designed to resemble the manual film cameras which professional photographers used for so long. You may find it difficult to pick the best SLR digital camera. This is the reason we decided to take a deeper look at the Nikon D3100 as well as its accompanying lens. Currently, this is the best selling SLR camera on Amazon.com.

Nikon D3100 One of the best things about this particular camera is not that it includes a stabilizing lens or that it is 14.2 mega pixels. Its movie shooting feature is one of the greatest things about this camera. The included “full 1080p HD Cinematic Video” feature provides automatic focus along with the ability to be able to record sound.

Skilled videographers understand that generally a still camera offers a much clearer visual image compared to the average video camera. Which means that this camera is great for both videography and still shooting. So it’s no wonder this particular camera is a bestseller.

Nikon D3100 An additional positive feature about this camera would be the split second auto focus shooting that it can do. As a result, it’s a great camera for photographing sports events or other scenes with a lot of motion. It isn’t unheard of for digital cameras to guarantee the ability to take great shots at sporting events and then fail to deliver. The advanced shutter speed with this camera, however, makes perfect shots a possibility when the camera is used together with the right hands. Be sure to remember that shooting a great deal of sports events quickly uses up numerous memory cards.

Nikon D3100A discouraging feature of this camera is its lack of internal memory other than what it needs to store image shooting software. And that means you have to make yet another purchase for some other memory cards and, regrettably, these large capacity memory cards are rather expensive. Actually, they usually are very costly! This is an added expenditure that you’ll need to add to the rather high price of the camera alone. Consequently, this camera isn’t the best camera for you if you’re on a tight budget.

This product has received an exceedingly large amount of positive reviews. Of the hundreds of published reviews, the majority have received five stars which is the top rating. People love the camera simply because, even if they are amateurs, the camera makes them feel professional. You need to be aware that you will need to purchase additional equipment such as spare batteries, more memory cards, and particular lenses if you wish to make the most of this camera, and this is usually a sizeable expense. On the other hand, even though this particular camera is pricey it should serve you well for many years thus making the price tag worth it.
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