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The BlackBerry Storm 9530 Cell Phone with 3.15 MP Camera Reviewed

It does seem indeed that half the world has a cellular phone with oodles of features. By expending sizable sums of money on branding, competitors seek to distinguish their products in the eyes of the consumer. That is why people very often do not refer to their cell phones by that old out-of-date name. There are many mobile phone product names such as the BlackBerry. Which leads me to the Storm 9530, the Blackberry cell phone which today’s review is focused on. It is no longer any kind of big deal to have a cellular phone which has a camera. But the Blackberry 9530 has a built-in camera and it boasts of just over three megapixels of resolution. Nevertheless, this Blackberry cell phone boasts of many more features which we are going to share with you.

Blackberry Storm 9530The Blackberry model 9530 boasts a heartening number of practical product features. You will find a built-in GPS system that utilizes BlackBerry maps. We are reasonably positive this is a standard purchase license for a GPS database they have associated their name with. The media player which comes with this Blackberry provides the ability to open three popular file formats: MP3, AAC+ and WMA.

Both WMV and MPEG4 format movies may be viewed on the video player. As noted earlier, the camera delivers resolution of over 3 MP, and it also has an automatic focus feature. You can, of course, record videos or make use of the LED flash to adjust lighting.

Blackberry Storm 9530User interaction with the Blackberry 9530 is via touch screen technology. All of the standard text messaging features are included, and you can now likewise edit documents. Integrated Bluetooth technology on the Blackberry 9530 phone allows you to wirelessly connect and to listen to music on WiFi. The world’s first “clickable” screen was used in the Blackberry Storm. This was a measured undertaking to help cell phone users feel more at ease. It was thought to simulate particular actions of a regular keyboard. Amongst other features that it supports, the 9530 allows you to interact with several apps using single and multi-touch.

Blackberry Storm 9530Also, you are able to access to other services such as Verizon Wireless service for GPS ability. This is a great plus for those of us who happen to traveling to different countries around the world. The regular internal memory of 1 gigabyte may be increased considerably, up to a maximum of 16 GB. In addition, you can have a maximum of 10 email accounts for either business or personal use. We all have an idea of how much people send and receive text messages, and there is an assortment of instant messaging services available. When in continuous use, a fully charged battery will last approximately 6 hours.

The Storm 9530 may well have been superceded, but a strong market exists for a variety of different users.. Improvements in cellular phone technology come at a cost, mirrored in the higher cost of the up-to-date models, and not everyone can bear that kind of expense. It’s likewise accurate to say that many consumers do not truly want all of the latest features. What these people want is a simple, trusty mobile phone that does the basics well. For this reason, consumers are able to buy older models that manufacturers have deemed worth the effort to restore. You can find more info regarding available fixed models at popular web sites such as Amazon.
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BlackBerry Storm 9530 review – part 1

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