Nov 302011

It’s named a “mini” keyboard, and that’s precisely what the Rii is. When I say mini keyboard, I am of course referring to the size of the device, as it’s not the same size as a typical computer keyboard. Virtually all typical PC keyboards are around 18in x 2in x 8in, but this unit is merely 5.9 inches by 2.3 inches by 0.5 inches and weighs a mere 3.2 ounces.

A person who places a high value on portability will find the tiny size and lightness of this mini keyboard a delight, being so easy to have with you. Because it’s so small, this mini keyboard fits easily between your hands for a comfortable typing experience.
Not only are you able to use the Rii Mini Wireles Keyboard with your desktop PC, and your laptop computer, it’s also a great accessory for your PS3 or wiki gaming systems. Many devices are wireless today, so the Bluetooth wireless USB receiver on this mini keyboard makes connecting it to your electronics easy. It boasts of a full QWERTY keyboard and it likewise includes a touchpad, which is similar to those found on laptops. There are also 26 LED lights built into the Rii for when the nearby lighting is not bright enough. This device is provided standard with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which power it up.
rii-mini-wireless-keyboard 2In terms of reviews, there are many on Amazon, generally with 4 or 5 stars. But perhaps this device’s first appearances are misleading, since there are as well a number of ratings falling between 1 and 3 stars. A maximum range of 30 ft for working moderately well with his Ubuntu system was noted by one reviewer. Then again, a range of 30 ft is reasonably good. Both playlist and volume button controls are present on the keyboard, which is fantastic if the intended use is multimedia in character. Buttons that aren’t regularly used are on the Rii, which is good since they are sometimes needed so it would be an inconvenience if they weren’t there.

However, like anything, there are a few negatives. This unit’s touchpad looks similar to that of a laptop, but it’s not as exact, which makes it frustrating at times. Besides, taps are not always recognized by the touchpad – but this can be avoided by rather using the left and right mouse buttons. There is a quirk with the QWERTY layout, in that the keys on the mini keyboard are directly underneath each other, whereas they are staggered on a regular keyboard It’s no big deal, though; you’ll get used to it rather fast.rii-mini-wireless-keyboard 3
All in all, the Rii is a great keyboard if you’re looking for a smaller size that also has a mouse touchpad. The price is awesome, and the several upsides make the few downsides look petty.

Rii mini wireless keyboard (Worlds smallest wireless usb keyboard w/touchpad) second look

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